ER Team at work ER Team at work Dr. Brown performing emergency procedure 184994437 Heather working with a kitty 184994439 Dr. Brown and vet assistants performing an ultrasound 184994438 Allison feeding a ferret 184994657 Barbara and Megan working with a patient 184994658 Danielle and Megan positioning a pet for digital xray 184994659 Dr. Prince performs a surgical procedure 184994660 Kobi cleaning a laceration 184994661 Dr. Scroggs feeding a micropig 184994662 Jewel preps a patient for surgery 184994663 Leeta and Jewel with a patient A chameleon in for emergency treatment 184994664 Kobi and Megan position a pet for xray 184994665 Allison feeding a small dog 184994666 Allison ( our MSU graduate student) collecting alligator eggs 184994667