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Pet Emergency Clinic

About Us

We are the Pet Emergency Clinic. Serving the Southwest corner of Louisiana and Southeast Texas, we care for your sick or injured pet after normal business hours.

How We Came to Be...

Before 2003, if a client had a pet after-hours emergency, he or she would have to either wait until the next business day or to call the regular veterinarian to be seen out of hours.

Although this situation provided some coverage of emergencies, local veterinarians wanted better for their clients.

In March of 2003, twenty-one local doctors of veterinary medicine came together to found the Pet Emergency Clinic.

Now a facility with a licensed emergency veterinarian and full-time staff members would be available to help their clients!

The clinic has grown every year to the point now of having two full-time veterinarians and several trained staff. All because a need was filled by dedicated people.

In October, 2008, Dr. John Emerson bought out all of his partners in the clinic. He has continued the fine tradition started by the original partners, and instituted several improvements, including a full remodel and upgrade of the facility completed in June of 2009. You may contact him by e mail: [email protected]

In addition to after-hours emergency visits, Pet Emergency Clinic is an after-hours nursing care center. Your doctor may send your pet there for all-night observation/nursing care at a reasonable cost.

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