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Tylenol or Acetaminophen in dogs and cats- NO

Posted by petemergencyclinic on May 25, 2010 at 5:44 PM

Tylenol (acetemanophen) has been marketed as the super-safe pain reliever that does not cause stomach upset like aspirin does. Over and over, the safety and lack of intestinal side effects have been touted. 

Yet recently, even for humans, Tylenol and its generic versions have been found to be not as safe as previously thought. Especially if the human has liver disease or is a heavy drinker of alcohol, Tylenol has been found to be not such a good choice. Yet the marketing of safety of the product continues.

DO NOT USE Tylenol in dogs and ESPECIALLY in cats!

It is toxic in fairly high doses in dogs and in very low doses in cats. In fact, one Tylenol in cats may cause death.

If your pet has pain and you hink it needs a med, have it examined by your DVM and have that DVM prescribe an appropriate product. Do not ever use Tylenol in dogs and cats.

If your dog comes to the Emergency Clinic for Tylenol poisoning, the prognosis is guarded at best. We do have a product to treat the problem, but the product is most effective if given shortly after ingestion. If we suspect tylenol poisoning but are not sure, we can run a blood test at a local hospital and get the diagnosis. tylenol will show in the blood test within about 2 hours of ingestion.

Best bet is to respect Tylenol and its generics substitutes as powerful drugs that should be kept from our pets.

That is all. Talk to you next week


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