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Flea Products and Pet Safety

Posted by petemergencyclinic on July 11, 2010 at 7:23 PM

Modern flea products are generally safe and pretty effective when used according to label directions.

Pet owners get into trouble when they DO NOT follow label directions.One of the biggest flea control errors that creates Pet Emergency Clinic visits is using DOG flea products on CATS. do not ever use any product on a cat unless it is labelled for a cat. Cats are very sensitive to toxins and are easily poisoned.

The over-the-counter flea products cause most of the problems. Many of these products use an obsolete product (that was never very effective on fleas by itself) packaged just like a modern product. You see the great price, buy it, and not only do NOT kill fleas, but  may KILL your cat.

Avoid this type of product in general but ESPECIALLY in your cat.

If your pet becomes sick after using ANY flea product, your first job is to wash the product off, and then get your pet seen by a DVM. If out of hours, just arrive at Pet Emergency Clinic. If during hours, see your family DVM. To summarize, be VERY careful with ANY flea product, and READ THE DIRECTIONS (sorry, guys). It takes expert knowlege of fleas in addition to good product to really handle fleas.

That is all. Talk to you soon. 

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