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Clyde's Story - TO MY GOOD FRIEND

Posted by petemergencyclinic on July 22, 2014 at 2:10 PM

Dear Fellow Pet Lovers,

Clyde and I had been friends for the past 15 years or so. He had shown up at my day clinic, Companion Animal Hospital, as an uncowed, penniless teenager with no awareness of being "broke."

He amused my veterinary staff with multiple practical jokes always performed with fun and humor in his heart. He was to have been another one of the many who, in the past, I had taken in, patched up and fattened up for a few months, and then moved on to a a permanent home.

Problem was, at the time, I was dating and falling in love with my now-wife, Juliet, who did not understand the idea of helping homeless waifs and then moving them on to permanent digs. She just didn't get it. (And she still doesn't.)

So Clyde, who was a very formal dresser, always being seen in a tuxedo, came to break the tradition of staying a few months and then moving on. All because of Juliet, Clyde became the FIRST permanent Companion Animal Hospital kitty.

During this time, we came to love this massive black and white kitty. Clyde loved Science Diet so much that he would open brand new bags when I was not looking, despite having his own perpetually-full bowl available at all times.

When Clyde's new "brother", Mini Clyde, came into the fold, Clyde was philosophical and helpful. He eventually trained Mini Clyde, who looked like an overweight dwarf version of the original, to be almost as cool as Clyde was.

The third "brother", Doolittle, was not quite as big a success in the good manners department, but he is still with us today and remains a wonderful, if opinionated, fellow.

But back to Clyde and his many accomplishments....Clyde was a columnist, writing the famous "CLYDE'S CORNER" in my former newsletter. His dry wit and cool sense of elegance contrasted with my less elegant writing style.

Clyde starred on many of the clinic T shirts and even a video that we created for a contest to win an exam room remodel. Additionally, he stole the show in a feature newspaper article about Companion Animal Hospital.

To summarize, Clyde was a STAR for his at least 16 years of life.

When Companion Animal Hospital became Pet Emergency Clinic, Clyde and his "brothers" moved into our home and joined a few other felines in a sort of insane feline Brady Bunch with everybody being mostly happy most of the time.

Recently, Clyde began to lose weight and appetite, though not his awareness or personality. I delayed really checking him, not necessarily wanting to really know just what was up.

Finally, I decided that he must be checked and learned that his chest and abdomen were ravaged by cancer. Juliet and I lost our very good friend Clyde.

At painful times like this, I have to remember my own advice that I have given so many times over 30 years: THE PLEASURE AND FUN AND LOVE THAT WE RECEIVE FROM OUR PETS FAR OUTWEIGHS THE PAIN AND LOSS WE FEEL WHEN THEY ARE GONE.

That is all.

Dr. John Emerson, Pet Emergency Clinic

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