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Posted by petemergencyclinic on August 14, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Dear Fellow Pet Lovers,


It is a given that, in life, things will go wrong.


Why is it that sometimes a very severe problem is almost a non-event and sometimes what should be a minor "bump" becomes a true disaster?


I believe that it mostly has to do with preparation.


If you have prepared for a possible problem and have even a rough idea of how you will handle it, you stand a decent chance to do ok when it occurs. If you are what I call "fat, dumb, and happy," and are rolling along without any thought of "what if, " a small problem could become huge. And this applies to our pets, of course.


Doing a few simple things to prepare for problems will go a long way towards protecting our beloved friends from severe disaster.


Some examples:

Have a pet GO KIT in the event you have to evacuate. This could include proof of vaccination, a several day supply of medicine, special foods, necessary carriers, etc. Now in the event of hurricane, fire, etc., you simply grab the GO KIT and the pet and off you go.


Have a first aid kit for pets available. A commercial one could be acceptable, but you may want to include a muzzle in case your hurt pet is trying to bite. I would definitely include a Pet Emergency Clinic magnet for easy phone reference too.


Have a list of pet-related phone numbers that could include your own veterinary clinic, Pet Emergency Clinic (337-562-0400), Animal Services, your boarding facility, etc.


Avoid situations that you KNOW increase your pet's risk of disaster. For example, allowing your dog to run loose, not using heartworm prevention, heavy exercise in the summer heat, feeding lots of scraps, not vaccinating, etc. etc. could be avoided and your pet will do better.


And many many more.This piece is not in any way meant to be exhaustive. Rather, it is to get you thinking about how you can be ready for problems.


Just a little thought ahead of time will nip most problems in the bud. It will put you at cause over the problem, and that is where you want to be.


That is all.



Dr. John Emerson, Pet Emergency Clinic

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