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Posted by petemergencyclinic on December 16, 2014 at 1:40 PM



Dear Fellow Pet Lovers,


It is holiday season and poisonings and toxicities are in the air....


Here, courtesy of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Service, are the "Top 5 Holiday Toxins."


1) Chocolate- Causes lots of problems this time of year. The darker the chocolate, the worse it is. Be very mindful of where you leave chocolate during this holiday season.


2) Tree preservatives- The chemicals you put into your natural Christmas tree water to make the tree stay green longer can cause intestinal upset. (this is real to me. Our house cats immediately started on the new "drinking fountain" the minute the tree was placed this year. Luckily no added chemicals)


3) Poinsettias- mostly irritate membranes in the mouth and intestines. Still, avoid this toxin.


4) Medications- Since there are often guests and children around, and since it is cold season, meds may be around. Be certain that your pet cannot get to them.


5) Alcohol- We see alcohol poisoning at the ER every year. One ounce of liquor in a 5 pound toy-sized pet would be the equivalent of 40 ounces of liquor in a 200 pound man. Could kill. Watch out. We have even seen cases where a person intentionally tried to "get a pet drunk." Bad idea. A large number of pets have died from this intoxication.


As I repeat over and over and over and over and over (etc), preventing problems is always the best way to operate. Having never had a problem in the first place is easier and cheaper than treating that problem after it occurs.


But, if it does occur, ER is here for after hours and your DVM is available during business hours.



You CAN do something about pet illness.



That is all.



Dr. John Emerson, Pet Emergency Clinic

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