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Tiny Toy Puppies- Preventing hypoglycemia

Posted by petemergencyclinic on November 28, 2010 at 9:39 PM

Today's update is on tiny toy breed puppies. How and why they get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and how to prevent it.

With the popularity of tiny "teacup" and "micro" breeds increasing, we at PetER are seeing more cases related to potentially fatal low blood sugar in these breeds. Example of breeds like this include the tiny Chihuahua, Yorky, Poodle, and others.

To better explain, a significant percentage of tiny toy breed puppies have a metabolic disorder in which they are unable to properly store energy (Glycogen) in their livers. Puppies with this condition are like a very large gas-guzzling car with a 2 gallon gas tank. They may go fast but they will not go far without constant "fillups" (meals.)

Signs of hypoglycemia include disorientation, dizziness, severe lethargy (droopiness), and possibly passing out and seizuring.

One way to avoid these symptoms is to feed your toy breed puppy small frequent meals of a very high quality dog food at least until the puppy reaches the weight of 3 pounds. By the time of reaching this weight, almost all of these puppies will have "outgrown" this condition and have no more problems with it. Do not feed honey or Karo syrup as a "preventative" in the case of no symptoms. Doing this could actually trigger this disease.

If symptoms should occur, your first action is to get sugar into the puppy. You may use honey, Karo syrup, Nutrical, etc. Your next action is to get it seen by a DVM, even if all seems to be ok. It may relapse. During business hours, get to your DVM immediately. After hours, come to PetER pronto!

Tiny teacup micro breeds can be quite a lot of fun and a novelty. However, some of them are afflicted with many serious medical issues. Be sure to do your research before you add one of these cute puppies to your family.

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