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Pet Health Insurance- Exists and is a good product

Posted by petemergencyclinic on February 28, 2011 at 1:23 PM



Dear Fellow Pet Lover,



This week's update is on Pet Health Insurance.



As the capabilities of veterinarians grow and sophisticated surgeries and diagnostics become more available, our pets' lives are made even better. But, this high level of care can become expensive.



Many times I hear clients say "I wish I could get health insurance for Fido or Fluffy" I then usually tell them that there are such products available and the fee is reasonable. Many of us shy from the idea of health insurance like our own human products due to the hassle associated with these products. Pet health insurance plans are almost universally very little hassle. The insurance companies seem in general to do what they say they are going to do and not create lots of difficulty.


With pet health insurance, the plans are indemnity plans, which means that the client pays the bill and then submits for reimbursement. This type of plan avoids many of the difficulties that we may have with our plans. And the fees are relatively low, too.



There are several good companies out there, including VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance), a plan by Purina, and one endorsed by the American Humane Society.(I am not endorsing these- They are just a few names that I have heard of) My advice is to check all the companies out, and go for one that is highly rated by customers. Insurance is one way to prepare yourself from high pet medical bills. It is available, low-cost, and workable.



But there are a couple of other options:

One is to self-insure. You could do this by setting $1000-3000 aside in a special pet medical account. In this way, you would be ready for most emergencies. Care Credit is a 6 month interest-free medical line of credit. It helps, but it would be my last resort if other avenues fail.



To summarize, it is a great time to have a pet, since veterinary medicine has come so far in our ability to help the pet live a long time. But with these strides sometimes comes higher costs of care. Planning ahead and being ready can make this situation much less stressful. You get to enjoy your pet without worry!



That is all.

Thanks, Dr. John Emerson


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