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The Heat- Tips to Protect Pets

Posted by petemergencyclinic on June 13, 2011 at 2:04 PM


In case you have not been outside lately, it is HOT.


This update is to review symptoms of heatstroke and how to avoid it. Our pet's bodies, like our own, can only operate at a certain limited temperature range. The body has many mechanisms to hold the body there, creating heat when it is cold and cooling when it is hot. But after a certain point in summer heat, the body becomes overwhelmed, and can succumb to heat stroke.


Since most of our pets have a fur coat and the inability to leave a hot area, it is up to us to prevent heatstroke. For outside pets, be sure shade, air circulation, and lots of water are readily available. Limit exercise and workouts in the heat. The Labrador Retriever especially will keep running full speed right up to the collapse. Exercise early in the morning and late in the evening. Never leave your pet in a parked car. The car becomes an oven in just a few minutes.


If your pet becomes really weak and is apparently overheated, cool her rapidly with cool tap or hose water, and GET HER TO A VET NOW. Even if the pet appears to be better, many will succcumb up to 2 days later due to the extreme stress to the body. Medical care is critical and is the best chance to prevent this.


Speaking of preventing this, PREVENT it in the first place with the tips above. This is always the best approach. Let's keep the summer fun! That is all.


Thanks, Dr. John Emerson

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