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Draining Wounds- What to Do?

Posted by petemergencyclinic on June 13, 2011 at 2:11 PM

UPDATE TOPIC- Cats and Draining Wounds


One problem we frequently treat at the ER is cats with nasty draining wounds.


This is almost always outdoor cats, is usually males, and is the result of fighting. When cats fight, they create puncture wounds with teeth and/or claws. The puncture wound has thousands of bacteria of the type that do not like air. (anearobic bacteria) These bacteria find themselves in a perfect environment to grow, with warmth, moisture, a good food supply (blood), and of course, no oxygen. The bacteria grow and the body sends defenses to the site, creating pus and isolating the area to prevent spread.


The pet gets fever and feels bad. Finally, the area bursts, with nasty, creamy drainage.


The above process is known as abscess formation. If your cat (and sometimes dog) gets an abscess, get him seen ASAP. Treatment is usually a sedated cleanup, creation of drainage, and antibiotics. During business hours, call your family veterinarian, and after hours, call Pet Emergency Clinic at 337-562-0400.


Best idea is to prevent. Neuter male and spay female cats, or better yet, keep them indoors. Keep vaccinations current, and get a Feline Leukemia test for the cat about 2-3 months after any fight. That is all.


Thanks, Dr. John Emerson

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