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Your Pet's Surgery. How to make it go RIGHT!

Posted by petemergencyclinic on December 7, 2010 at 5:56 PM

Dear Fellow Pet Lover,


Today's update is on surgical aftercare. We veterinarians do lots of surgery with very few problems. In fact, we often downplay the possible problems that can occur with any surgery since we do so many uneventfully. 


This update is to remind you that ANY surgery, no matter how routine, has some risk attached to it. The risks may be related to anesthetic, the overall condition of the pet, its ability to heal, and the surgical aftercare. Generally, it is your DVM's job to assess the risk of surgery prior to performing it. Your input is needed in this area as well. For example, if your pet just ate a large meal and was supposed to have been fasted, risk is introduced if you do not advise your DVM.


The surgical technique and anesthesia is up to your DVM. So choosing a surgeon based on known good reputation or known skill and experience is a very good idea. Naturally, a more experienced surgeon may have higher fees. It is up to the owner to choose an appropriate surgeon or facility.


The most important factor that an owner can control is the aftercare. The aftercare for any surgery, no matter how apparently routine, is crtitical. Be sure that you as an owner understand exactly what is required and are prepared to do it. Aftercare is probably the single most important factor of successful outcome in surgery. (MY opinion, of course)


So if your pet is to have surgery, select a surgeon whom you trust, prepare the pet correctly, and exactly follow all aftercare instructions to the letter. Then your pet's surgery will become an UNMEMORABLE experience.


That is all.

Thanks, Dr. John Emerson

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1 Comment

Reply jyoJ
7:56 AM on July 29, 2013 
They do say so called specialists of pets and show high negligence dealing innocent animals because they can not open their mouth and complaint to their owners.

near about a month back we took our dog Canfel and done basic ex rays and blood tests once after the doctor said dog has stones in his bladder and the urinal track. He fixed up the appointment and asked to get the dog to Govt vet hospital which is near Himayat nagar Old MLA's quarters . We took the dog on 6th June and got the dog operated and from there on the dog is suffering with the infection and lot of pus& fungus formed in his urinal track ,spot tam and the pus infection used to come out otherways like boils on his body just because the doctor applied so called old methodology to insert the temporary insertion of urine tube and not cleared completely the urine track and due the dog never used to pass the urine through natural track and freely because the stones were still stuck in the urine track they were not cleared in first attempt and not even guided properly what are the side reactions may come and how soon the next operation to be conducted and the doctor gave a very wage answer stating the next operation can be in next 1 week or next 10days or might be in next 1 yr. After few days of the operation, the temporary tube was removed by the doctor and that time also he did not discuss.Immediately the dog starting barking whole the day and night for about 2 days and we took the dog to doctor said rashes had come due to using the Lizol at home for cleaning.He had given some medicines and we had given them orally but not cured than immediately we took him to our colony vet doctor and then he identified the lot of pus formation happened in his spot am and on the back bone of the dog. He he used to clean the pus and give antibiotics everyday. Our pet was quite fine and relief from the pus problems but the urine was still a problem and which created the pressure and mixed up the urine into blood. 3 days ago the stopped urinating and immediately we took him to the doctor in Canfel . He checked and said we need to immediately go for the operation as the situation is critical and than we have asked the doctor to operate immediately than he said he is going out of station on the same day night and will be back after 4 or 5 days and referred to some other super specialty hospital.The very next day morning we took the dog to super specialty which in Srinagar Colony and their treatment was so expensive but still prepared to pay the money and get our dog cured. But those doctors could not do anything because of the urinary infection the organs were failed and potassium levels were increased and dog died at 4 pm with lots of pain.

My only request is we are layman in medicine. Please ask all these doctors pen down all the case study point to point with proofs.These innocent pet animals are like our kids and we pamper them equally to our kids. So please be very careful what these doctors are doing with our pets because they can not tell us anything except their sorrowful eyes.

I rate this clinic absolute "0" out any possibility.
Probably I rate other clinics also the same and decided not to get any pet to our home in our whole life and can not make them die just because of lacking professional ethics.