Building and Staff Too Building and Staff Too Clinic street view Located in a safe neighborhood, easily accessible from interstate and front-door parking make it easy to arrive at the Pet Emergency Clinic at any hour. 126747629 Clinic Building Our clinic building was purpose-built to be a veterinary clinic. IIn May 2009, the building was almost completely remodeled and re-fitted as an emergency clinic. 112191483 Dr. Hadley Prince A McNeese State and LSU Veterinary graduate, Dr. Prince has become one of the most experienced emergency doctors in SW Louisiana. 112191489 Eclipse Eclipse is the newest member of the Pet ER's resident feline team! She is a very vocal kitty girls who likes to climb and play. 163992097 Eclipse in her blanket burrito Resident feline, Eclipse, loves to get "burrito-ed" in her snuggly blankets 184994885 Taquito's Trick After many months of coaxing, Taquito (resident clinic cat) performs a trick for her treat 184994891 Smiling Cocoa Cocoa, ER resident canine, poses for her worldwide web debut as a "Smiling Dog" in "Bark" magazine 184994888 Allison and happy ER patient 184994886 In the News 2013 Pet Emergency Clinic feature article in Lake Charles "American Press" newspaper 184994887 Digital Radiograph Monitor The new digital X-ray monitor is very large and high resolution. With our digital system, images are created and available for doctor review in about 6 seconds. The large monitor helps the doctor find your pet's problem quickly. 126747628 Dr. Scroggs, Sara and Taquito Dr. Scroggs and Sara are (unsuccessfully) counseling clinic pet Taquito about her excessive weight. 112191491 Neil Neil Armstrong assists with clinic postcard mailings. 126747627 Dr. Prince at work You never know what may walk, crawl, or slither in the door at Pet ER. 112191487 Cocoa, Pet ER's resident canine Cocoa is one of the founding members of the Pet ER. She resides at the ER. She loves to go on walks through the neighborhood, lay in the sun and eat lots of dog "snacks" (aka: treats). During her years of ER service, Cocoa has helped many sick dogs get better. 163991903 Blue Ribbon Barbara Sr. veterinary technician, Barbara, and her dog win a blue ribbon at the 2013 Calcasieu Kennel Club Dog Show 184994889 Boots, our latest refugee Early one morning,3-month old kitten Boots was found sitting outside the ER staff entrance. She joined the ER for several weeks and has been placed in her new forever home. 163988389 Olivia manages Pet ER front desk Visiting from Ohio, animal-lover Olivia helps out at the Pet ER front desk 163988387 Dr. Prince and Taquito Taquito is one of the Pet ER's 2 resident felines. Taquito's favorite place is her memory foam "princess castle" bed. Taquito loves catnip treats! 163991902 Pet ER Staff, Christmas 2011 photo Pet ER doctors and technicians send their holiday greetings! 163991012 Pet ER Staff Photo, Christmas 2010 A spontaneous, unposed Christmas photo of some of our group. 112191485 Pet ER sign 184994890 Pet ER Team Vet assistants Jewel, Heather and Allison with Dr. April Brown 184994892