General Pet EC General Pet EC Staff photo Too 62941646 Bieber, Cocoa, and Kim, Take two 62941640 Raplh Waldo and Mr. Gray We highly recommend the Pet Emergency Clinic. 62941644 Cocoa, Pet ER's resident canine Cocoa is a founding member of the Pet ER. She joined the ER team in 2003 as the resident canine blood donor. She is a happy and busy dog who has helped many very sick dogs get better. 163991013 In the treatment room. 106066093 Partial Staff Photo The Emergency Clinic staff is very experienced, with many also working at day clinics and many future veterinarians. 62941645 78870631 78870632 78870633 So confident, I'll take a nap! 106066091 PetER- Helped me breathe again. 106066092 78870635 Allison and happy ER patient 184995279 Sphynx kitty cat 184995280 Cute Cookie! Happy ending - Cookie, a puppy who ate rat posion - alive and well! Went home with happy pet parents! 184995281 Dr. Brown at work Dr. Brown feeding a bird with broken beek 184995282 201865933 All smiles! Dr. Prince and his swollen-faced patient 184995283