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Pet Emergency Clinic

What are the Pet Emergency Clinic hours?

What are the Pet Emergency Clinic hours?

Generally from 6:00PM to 7:00AM every weeknight and from Noon Saturday straight through to 7:00AM Monday, and also on Holidays. (Think nights, weekends, and holidays)

When your family clinic is closed, we are generally open.

Pet Emergency! What to do?

I have a pet emergency. What do I do now?

Put your pet in the car and drive to the Pet Emergency Clinic. (1501 W. McNeese St. in Lake Charles-across from SJ Welsh Middle School). (For detailed driving instructions and a map, see the Location Map tab off the Main Menu.)

If possible, call 337-562-0400 and let us know that you are coming.

What Will it Cost?

The petEmergency Clinic examination fee is $98.00. After the doctor evaluates your pet's condition, it will be le to better determine additional needed treatment. You will receive and approve an estimated Treatment Plan prior to any further fees being incurred.

Can You Just Tell Me How to Treat My Sick Pet? Why do I have to go in?

We usually cannot diagnose your pet correctly without actually performing an examination. Many conditions have very similar symptoms and totally opposite treatments. It is almost always better to just have your pet checked.

Can I get routine care at your clinic too?

No, Pet Emergency Clinic is an out-of hours emergency and urgent care clinic. We are open after hours. Use your family veterinarian for normal care, and the Pet Emergency Clinic if you need help out-of-hours.

My pet is not about to die or bleeding to death, but I am worried. Is it ok for me to come in?

Of course! If you are concerned about your pet out of normal business hours, you should bring your pet to the Pet Emergency Clinic. Maybe it is nothing serious and you get peace of mind. Or maybe your visit could be life-saving. There is no client concern that is trivial to us.

I don't have a regular vet. May I still come to the Pet Emergency Clinic?

Yes. Anyone may come to the Pet Emergency Clinic. We will of course help you with your pet's immediate problem. After that is handled, our staff will assist you in finding a day clinic convenient to you that will meet your needs.

I am from Southeast Texas. Will you treat my pet?

Yes. In fact. Pet Emergency Clinic is seeing more and more Texas clients. They say that they are pleased by the personal attention they receive and the helpful attitude of the staff. Give Pet Emergency Clinic a try. We are closer than you think. Call 337-562-0400 or just show up.

Why Pet Emergency Clinic? Why doesn't my vet come out on emergency?

Your vet uses Pet Emergency Clinic because of a true desire to do what is best for your pet. When one tired doctor comes out after hours and after a 10-12 hour day, he has no staff, no lab support, and may not be fully alert. He may not be able to do the things he really needs to do for your pet for these reasons.

When your pet comes to the ER, we have staff, a doctor, full laboratory and X ray ready-to-go. All the better to do what your pet needs- right now! Your veterinarian will pick back up the case as soon as he/she is back open. By the way, your DVM will receive the exact medical records, inclusing copies of all tests done in full. Your injured pet will be watched all night when here, something a day clinic may not be able to do.

I Want A House Call. Can You Come Out?

We sometimes get requests for house calls and we understand how this could be helpful. Unfortunately, Pet Emergency Clinic is unable to come to your house due to limits of staff members and available doctors. If your dog is ill enough to need a doctor after hours, he is probably ill enough to need to lab testing and care at a veterinary hospital.

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